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Bergen - The Gateway to the Fjords of Norway 

Welcome to Bergen, the old city with a young outlook. A city with its feet in the sea, its head in the skies and its heart in the right place - full of infectious enthusiasm, and happy to share it with visitors.

Year after year, visitors from all over the world have just one complaint when they are leaving: that their stay was too short. 

Bergen may not be a particularly large city by European standards, but it nevertheless has plenty to offer those who want to experience something new. Simply bursting with vitality, Bergen is not to be missed!

Here, history and long-standing traditions are as important as the city's vibrant cultural life. The Hanseatic legacy goes hand-in-hand with the status of European City of Culture (2000), both of which are reflected in the cityscape. In the global scheme of things, Bergen is a truly unique city. The main reason for this is its wonderful location and world-famous surroundings: the seven great mountains and the fjords go towards creating an international and yet completely idiosyncratic atmosphere, which is sure to make a lasting impression on all who visit Bergen.

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